Black Pressed Glass Basket by Sowerby
Sowerby pressed glass basket
Sowerby pressed glass basket
Sowerby pressed glass basket
Sowerby Pressed Glass Basket - This is a little gem. It has a very clear peacocks head. It also has a registration lozenge, which is shown in close-up. Over one hundred and twenty years ago, these sorts of pressed glass were in everyday use, and it is great that these pieces survive. This is a particularly nice example - as it is most often seen in blue, but this is jet black. It is very shiny and an attractive addition to any collection of English pressed glass.

You can see it illustrated in [15], and according to the book, it was registered on the 24th May 1876. It is pattern number 1157. The peacock head is on the base and is the makers mark for Sowerby, who was one of the foremost manufactuers of this glass, and many books have information on this old English factory, which continued until the middle of the 20th Century. The style is typical of the period of the 1870's.

Height 5.5 cm

Width 12 cm

Condition is excellent. Packaged Weight 440g
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