Denby Pottery Art vase Gemini design
Denby Pottery Art Vase Gemini
Denby Pottery Art Vase Gemini
Denby Pottery Art Vase, Gemini range? This is an amazing piece of Denby. It is not the sort of thing that we traditionally expect from Denby. We've not seen another piece of Denby like it. From its mark, which says that it is microwaveable (!) we think it is from the 1980's. No doubt the stamp was automatic, and it was never intended to go in a microwave. The surface is smooth and shiny and the flecking through the glaze makes it quite organic. We have been told that it is from a range called Gemini, Denby did do lampbases and vases and the like in this design. The glaze has an amazingly high sheen on its surface. It's wonderful. Height 23 cm

Width 16.5 cm

Condition is perfect. The stamp on the base reads, Denby Fine Stoneware England Microwaveable. Packaged Weight 2300g
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